Keep the art of dance alive...

The Barre Society is group of dedicated volunteers who work together to advance the vision of keeping a quality ballet company in our region. With a commitment to the education and development of audiences, as well as conducting fundraising events, members play a vital role in furthering our arts community.

"I'm honored that NWA Ballet Theatre has such dedicated individuals working for The Barre Society. These are people who not only have a passion for the art, but are willing to donate their time so that others may have the opportunity to discover and be inspired."

- Margie Bordovsky, Executive Director

How to get involved 

We are always looking for more incredible people to join The Barre Society and continue to help us do what we do. If you are interested in contributing to the NWA Ballet, please consider becoming a member of The Barre Society -- help the art of dance thrive. 


"As a patron of the arts in Northwest Arkansas, I am entertained, inspired and challenged by the work of the dancers and choreographers of NWA Ballet Theatre. The Barre Society is an important way I am able to give back time and money to an organization that enriches the quality of living here in Northwest Arkansas."

-Becky K.