Lillian Hill

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Lillian began dancing at the age of six at Pro-Am Dance Studio in South Florida, studying ballet, jazz, tap, lyrical, and hip-hop. She had a passion for ballet and furthered her classical training with the renowned Magda Aunon. where she performed excerpts from "La Bayadere", "Paquita" and "Tarentella". As a full-time dance major at Dillard Canter for the Performing Arts, she performed at the National High School Dance Festivals, where she was awarded a full scholarship to the Richmond Ballet. After graduation she joined the Richmond Ballet and began working towards a BFA in dance at Virginia Commonwealth University. While there she performed in full length ballets, such as "Giselle" and "Romeo and Juliet", as well

as Balanchine works, including ”Who Cares.” In 2011 she accepted a company position with Arts Ballet Theater of Florida. Under the direction of Vladimir Issaev, she performed the lead role in Coppelia, Fairy Doll, The Nutcracker, and The Rite of Spring, to name a few. She is thrilled to now join NWA Ballet Theatre for her first season and start a new adventure in this beautiful part of the country.

get to know the dancer

1. What do you like to do outside of dance (hobbies, interests, etc.)?

I love to bake! Whenever one of my colleagues has a birthday, I surprise them with a homemade dessert.

2. What is your favorite role that you have performed? Have not performed?

I loved the thrill of performing the three acts of “Copellia” as the lead, Swanhilda. My dream roles are Juliet from “Romeo and Juliet” or Giselle from “Giselle.”

3. What are some of your indulgences?

Ice cream!

4. Do you have any pre-performance rituals?

Not really, but I like to find a nice quiet corner to sit in for warm-up and to focus my mind. I do get pretty solitary before a performance.

5. If you weren’t a dancer, what would you be?

Choreography has always interested me; however, on a completely non-dance related adventure, I would be a baker.

6. Do you remember the first ballet you ever saw? What was it and how did it affect you?

Appropriately, it was “Copellia” and since then it has followed me throughout my career. I have performed in three different productions of the full-length ballet and performed countless excerpts from it, including for my senior year of high school.

7. How do you spend your summer breaks?

Dancing of course! Sometimes I combine it with traveling.

8. If I could visit any country in the world it would be….

New Zealand

9. What does Northwest Arkansas mean to you? Why is it special?

From what I have discovered in these few short months, I love the good nature of the people who live here and the physical beauty of the outdoors. There are so many gorgeous parks and trails; I could walk around forever and still not absorb it all.

10. What are three things people might not know about you?

I don’t have my ears pierced.

I performed for the prince of Saudi Arabia.

My middle name is Winter.


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