Ruby Mather

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Ruby Mather is from Teaneck, New Jersey and started her dance training at Nunnbetter Dance Theater under the direction of Leath Nunn. Ruby also had the privilege of being coached by Eleanor D’Antuono, and Nina Novak, Prima Ballerinas of the Ballet Russes de Monte Carlo. Ruby has performed original works by Thom Clower, and Yaqshaan Medan at Regional Dance America Northeast, and Margot Sappington’s original work, Echo. Ruby continued to study dance at the University of Oklahoma under the direction of Mary Margaret Holt and Michael Bearden. While at OU, she performed including Odette, Swan Lake Act II; Opaque Unfazed by Trey McIntyre; Simpatico by Michael Bearden; Firebird, The Firebird; Lucile Grahn, Pas De Quatre; Fate, Carmina Burana; Eugene Onegin; La Bayadére; The Nutcracker; and World Literature Today-Neustadt ’14 Prize: Birds of God. She graduated in 2018 with a BFA in Ballet Performance, and a minor in Nonprofit Organizational Studies. This is Ruby’s first season with NWA Ballet Theatre.

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1. What do you like to do outside of dance (hobbies, interests, etc.)?

I like to do arts and crafts when I have free time. While I’ve been here in Arkansas, I have taught myself how to do macramé and I’ve worked on a couple of knitting projects. I also enjoy making costumes, so this past Halloween was a fun and creative time for me.

2. What is your favorite role that you have performed? Have not performed?

My favorite role I have performed was the role of Odette. At the University of Oklahoma, I was given the opportunity to dance this role and it lived up to my expectations. I also did this role when I was 15 years old, so to revisit it at 22, I had a totally different perspective and appreciation for the role and the ballet.

3. What are some of your indulgences?

I love a delicious homecooked meal and pairing it with my favorite wine. I also love going out with friends and dancing the night away.

4. Do you have any pre-performance rituals?

Depending on the role, and my nerves, the music varies. I’ll listen to anything from Broadway show tunes to pop to smooth jazz. I try to get more sleep than usual and keep my meals very similar to what I eat day-to-day. Coffee is a must, but never on an empty stomach.

5. If you weren’t a dancer, what would you be?

If I weren’t a dancer, I would probably be a bartender. I like talking to people and trying new and different flavor combinations.

6. Do you remember the first ballet you ever saw? What was it and how did it affect you?

The first ballet I remember seeing was New York City Ballet’s Nutcracker, and I remember not liking it, which is surprising because it didn’t’ discourage me from dancing when I got older.

7. How do you spend your summer breaks?

I like to spend my summers dancing or working at a summer program. I also enjoy spending time with my friends and family. Every year my family takes a relaxing and educational summer vacation.

8. If I could visit any country in the world it would be….

If I could visit any country in the world it would be Italy. I love the culture and the scenery, not to mention they are known to have impeccable food and wine.

9. What does Northwest Arkansas mean to you? Why is it special?

The people of NWA saw something in me that others didn’t. I find it exciting that many people here have moved from other states. It makes the area feel like a melting pot.

10. What are three things people might not know about you?

I was coached by Eleanor D'Antuono in the United States and Nina Novak in Venezuela, both original members of the Ballet Russes de Monte Carlo.

I’ve sung at the United Nations with a group of Japanese students.

I have had a very typical education, attending public school my whole life and graduating from a 4-year university all while pursuing a dance career.


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