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 educational outreach programs



NWA Ballet Theatre offers Master Classes during the year at The NWA Conservatory of Classical Ballet in Bentonville, The Arkansas Arts Academy in Rogers, and The University of Arkansas in Fayetteville. If your school or organization would be interested in hosting a Master Class, please contact our office at for pricing and scheduling information.  Classes offered:

Classical Ballet     Pointe     Contemporary    Modern       Barre      Musical Theater

Educational Outreach Programs:

We love to reach out to the community and work to instill an appreciation and love for dance. NWA Ballet Theatre can come to your school, library, or organization and present the history of some of the great ballets, give a demonstration, and have fun activities that will foster a better understanding of the world of ballet.  We also have a week-long MOVING STORIES Program for schools that allows students the opportunity to plan out costumes, lighting, and choreography! Not everyone is a dancer, but there is so much more to a ballet production. Our program, developed by our Associate Adviser, Emalie Coen, shows all the moving parts that go on in the planning of a ballet and the important jobs that take place behind the scenes.  

Stay posted for our BACK ROADS BALLET TOUR schedule as we visit schools along the beautiful scenic routes in our region!

arts on tour:

NWA Ballet Theatre is a member of the Arkansas Arts Council's ARTS ON TOUR Roster.  Visit their website to find out if your school or non-profit organization could benefit!